Postgres and Grape::Entities: Decimals appear as strings

Sometimes grape-entity needs a little help figuring out the correct data type for model attributes. Take the following example, when using PostgreSQL as the backing DB :cost is returned as a (string)”10.5″ instead of the (float)10.5. Although you could handle this fairly quickly on the UI side (new Number() comes to mind) it’s better to […]

Rails: ParamsWrapper

Recently I stumbled onto the ParamsWrapper system inside of Rails. It’s a convenient system that allows form data to be submitted without specifying the root object. For example, if you are creating a new post you can specify the name using either name=”name” or name=”post[name]”. Either way you can access the attribute using params[:post][:name]. Most […]

RubyMine: Updating to Rails 4

Recently I spent some time upgrading one of my rails projects from Rails3 to Rails4. Among other resources Episode #415 from RailsCasts helped tremendously. However one of the issues that were not covered was fixing some of the issues with RubyMine integrations, more specifically the “Rails 3.x launcher script was found instead of Rails 4.x […]

PHP Sessions Explained

Introduction One of the most common requirements for any web application are sessions. Sessions are used to maintain information about a user on the server instead of using a cookies. Although session ids are stored in a cookie its considered more secure because a user cannot tamper with the contents of a session. If a […]

Things to consider before outsourcing

Recently I had the advantage of exploring a side of programming that is becoming all the more popular in the business world of software development, Outsourcing. Now at first outsourcing may sound like a great idea. Pay others to develop on your product without having to worry about hiring temporary employees. However, as easy as […]

SI Bowl 4×4 Beginners League

I want to compliment SI Bowl on the superb job they did at organizing the beginners 4×4 league. At $4 dollars p/night for 4 weeks and after successful completion receiving a free custom fit bowling ball, the league was surely a great deal! Tonight was the final night for the league and we each received […]