SI Bowl 4×4 Beginners League

I want to compliment SI Bowl on the superb job they did at organizing the beginners 4×4 league. At $4 dollars p/night for 4 weeks and after successful completion receiving a free custom fit bowling ball, the league was surely a great deal!

Tonight was the final night for the league and we each received our new bowling balls (with the exception of back-ordered balls). It was awkward using the ball at first after being used to using the house balls. But after getting a feel for it I can definitely say having your own fitted ball is so much better than using the house balls.

Next week marks the start of the next league. This time we will all be working towards a free pair of bowling shoes. The game setup is also a little different, each night consisting of 3 games of 9-pin bowling for $7 dollars a night and running for 6 weeks.

Keep up the great promotions!

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  1. Man, that does sound like fun. Your own ball? How is it possible for them to make any money? WOW.

    Yea bowling with your own ball is much nicer.

    Nice to see some bloggage, Justin!


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