Attention Recruiters: Thank you for your interest in learning more about my professional work. However I am not seeking new employment at this time.

Contact Information

Justin McCormick
Indianapolis, Indiana
me (at)


Blackboard, Inc
October 2014 – Present
Senior Software Engineer
From 2011 to present day, I’ve worked for Blackboard, Inc creating software used by K-12 and higher education institutions to provide online learning, grading and an overall classroom presence online. During my time I’ve worked in several different languages and frameworks. Some major accomplishments:

MEAN engine for data synchronization between external and internal service providers, handling over 5million data records a day.
Manage Gulp based build systems
Configure and manage Bamboo projects for Continual Integration for multiple projects
Created and managed AWS resources using Terraform
Created and managed Kubernetes Configuration
Created and manage Jenkins build pipelines for over 25 individual jobs and processes
Launched several microservices in the cloud using a combination of Jenkins Pipeline Scripting, Terraform, Kubernetes and NewRelic
Liaison between my development team and devops, working together to come up with solutions that fit everyones needs

Blackboard Engage
October 2011 – October 2014
Software Engineer
Used Backbone.js and Backbone.Marionette.js to create new, robust UIs.
Emphasized speed, accessibility and internationalization with new UIs.
Javascript mentoring and other various projects.
September 2006 – May 2011
Programmer Level 2 2006-2007
Software Engineer 2007-2011
From 2006-2011, I worked for SchoolCenter using the LAMP stack. We provided a CMS for K-12 schools to have their first web presences. During this time I created dynamically driven UI using technologies like jQuery, as well as helped maintain development and production level systems that handled millions of connections a day.

During this time I also gained exposure to many ideas and technologies, like background job processing using Python and Celery, Microservice architectures, LAMP stack management. I handled the main communications between the development team and our infrastructure teams and worked with both teams to come up with solutions.


Southern Illinois University
2005 – 2006
Department of Computer Science


Seven years of professional and freelance web development experience.
Six years of javascript experience.
Five years of professional LAMP experience.
Five years experience in Linux systems and command line tools.
Five years experience in version control systems, including GIT and Subversion.
Two years experience in Python.
Experience in Ruby on Rails.


Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java
Rails, Django, Bootstrap, jQuery, Spring
Memcache, MySQL, SQLite3, MongoDB
Zimbra, Sendmail, and Postfix
VMWare ESX-I, VMWare Workstation, Virtual Box
AWS S3, AWS EC2, AWS CloudFront