Pandora on Android – Service starting automatically

For the past few weeks I’ve been having problems with my original Droid. After using an app, switching back to the home screen always caused ADW to reload. At first it didn’t really bother me, I figured it just needed to be rebooted so I rebooted it and continued on my way.

Fast forward to now. My Droid has been almost unusable. Even the dialer app was beginning to freeze. I had installed Lookout Mobile Security a while back so I figured it was the culprit so I uninstalled it.

Although removing Lookout helped, it didn’t solve the problem. The phone was still locking up with everything I did. To help me with my problem I went to ATK to figure out what was happening. Using ATK to kill a few apps seemed to solve the problem. My Droid was back up ready for action.

However it wasn’t long before the slowness came back. I decided to start killing off apps one by one to figure out which one was causing my problem. Each time I opened ATK I kept noticing Pandora was running in the background even though I hadn’t opened the app in the last month.

Over the next day I kept killing off Pandora over and over again. Sometimes it would remain off for a few hours other times it started immediately after killing it. So I opened up the app to determine if one of its settings was causing it to automatically start.

Looking through the settings I found only one setting that was switched to “on”, Bluetooth for Automotive. Turning off this option stopped Pandora from automatically starting as a service.

My phone has been working great every since. No more slowness issues (at least not anymore then when I first got it) and I can open apps again without killing ADW.

As apps continue to advance so do their hardware requirements. Pandora is still a great app and I’m so glad I figured out what was causing my problems. Hopefully in the future changes such as these will be better conveyed to the end user. Listen on!

3 thoughts on “Pandora on Android – Service starting automatically

  1. Thanks for the info on this. I turned off the option but Pandora was still running as a service and would not die. I just removed it so I hope this will help the lag I’ve been having like you.

    1. Sorry that didn’t work out for you. It’s been a few years since I owned an Android phone and it’s unlikely the information is relevant with the newer versions of Pandora and Android.

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